Haven Building Biology works with individuals, families, organisations and businesses

in both residential and commercial settings.


Your assessment includes:

  • An initial phone consultation to determine your needs
  • A comprehensive environmental exposure history in the form of a questionnaire
  • On site visual inspection
  • Use of specialist equipment and testing methods
  • Recommendations in a written report
  • Follow up phone call

& Mould

Moisture & Mould


Have you noticed condensation, visible mould or a damp, musty odour? Has there been a leak or flooding event? Has your health practitioner advised that your symptoms sound like you may be affected by mould?

This assessment aims to identify the source/s of moisture in your building. Thermal imaging and moisture detection tools are utilised, and a thorough visual inspection is conducted. To assist with confirmation of occupant exposure to mould and/or to identify a hidden mould problem, sampling is usually recommended. Advice and recommendations are provided in a written report.

Healthy Spaces
For Children

Children’s Environmental Health Assessment


Does your child have eczema, asthma or allergies? Are they on the autism spectrum or do they have learning, social or behavioural difficulties? I’ve walked this road, and it can be extremely difficult, confusing and lonely at times. It was my daughter’s health challenges that opened my eyes to the impact of our environment on health and to the many things that can be done to ease the burden of environmental toxins on little bodies.

A Children’s Environmental Health Assessment identifies toxins, chemicals, EMFs and other environmental hazards your child may be exposed to and provides recommendations and solutions to reduce or remove exposure.


Electromagnetic Fields


An Electromagnetic Fields assessment aims to identify and quantify your exposure to AC magnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. Whether it’s wi-fi sources in the home, mobile phone towers, power lines or the smart meter, recommendations can be made on how best to reduce exposure and possible harm from these sources.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality


What’s in the air you breathe, and could it be contributing to your health symptoms? Air pollutants may cause or exacerbate asthma, allergies, eczema, hay fever, headaches, fatigue and even learning and behaviour problems in children. An indoor air quality assessment can help you identify the sources of indoor air pollution and provide solutions to help you remove or control your exposure to harmful particulates and chemicals in the air.

Pre-Purchase &
Lease Inspections

Pre-Purchase/Lease Inspections


Not only is your home one of the biggest investments you’re likely to make, where you live can have a significant impact on your health. Whether it’s pollution from a main road, high magnetic fields from high voltage transmission lines, lead exposure from peeling old paint or a hidden mould issue, getting a Building Biology pre-purchase or lease inspection can give you valuable insight into environmental hazards that may exist in your new home. This service is recommended alongside, not in place of, a Building and Pest Inspection when purchasing a home.


Custom Consultations


Haven Building Biology is qualified to offer a whole range of Environmental Health services including water quality testing, advice on healthy building design and materials and choosing safe and healthy products for your body and home. Consultations are also available online for some services. Please get in touch to see how I can help.